Sunday, February 17, 2013

Crocheted Dog Blankets

My brother and his wife have the most precious dog named Murphy. Murphy enjoys blankets a lot and will snuggle and crawl under them to sleep all the time, so I wanted to crochet him a blanket for Christmas! 

I did some research before deciding how I wanted to make the blanket because, I wanted to use a stitch that was tight and didn't easily separate so that Murphy couldn't get his nails caught in the blanket. I found some patterns using the back-post double crochet and the front-post double crochet that created a basket weave affect that was really neat looking. It created a pattern and blanket that held together very tightly and was even kind of cushy, which was exactly what I wanted!

This is the finished blanket!
 And this is a close-up of the stitch. You can see the basket weave affect that the stitch creates
The blanket was quite a hit with Murphy...

My dad's cousin was visiting my brother and his wife for Christmas, and when she saw the blanket I had made for Murphy she really liked it and wanted one for her puppy! So after Christmas settled down, I started on another slightly smaller blanket for her, that I just finished. 

Here is the second dog blanket! 
And the stitch up-close again...
I love the way both of these blankets turned out! I am working on getting this pattern written down correctly so that I can put the pattern up on my blog!

I hope all of your puppies are staying warm this winter...