Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Christmas Presents: Apple Cozy

My brother, Jason, and his wife, Kaylin, came to visit my family this Thanksgiving. While they were here, we began our Christmas scheming of figuring out who wanted what for Christmas. Jason told me that Kaylin was wanting an apple cozy. I had never heard of these before, but after going to Etsy and doing a search for apple cozies, I was not only loving how cute they were, I was trying to figure out how I could make one!! An apple cozy is a crocheted or knitted cover for an apple that protects the apple, so you can toss it into your purse, lunchbox, or bag and not worry about bruising the apple. I found a couple apple cozy patterns online and tried them but they just weren't quite what I had pictured in my head so I decided to create my own pattern. After a several attempts, I got what I was looking for!

I loved how it turned out, but it was a bit plain... it needed some kind of decoration. So next I came up with these!

And once I attached them, it was the last piece my apple cozy needed.

I can't get over how cute it turned out!! I was a bit worried that it wouldn't be the right size to fit your basic apple because I had a rather small apple I was using as my model, but Kaylin said it fit perfectly. 

I am working on getting this pattern, as well as a couple other patterns I came up with recently, written out correctly. My apple cozy was really easy to make and fun too, so stay tuned for the pattern for this and more!!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas Presents: Lego Man

My next couple blog postings will be focused on the Christmas presents I made this year which is what has mainly filled my past couple months! I am so happy with the way everything I made this year turned out and I am very excited to blog about all of them.

Probably my favorite Christmas present I made this year turned out to be the Lego man I made as a cute/funny gift for my boyfriend. There is something about Legos that I think no guy every fully outgrows! I had been scrolling through a collection of crochet patterns and this pattern caught my eye. The blog posting I stumbled upon had this Pattern for an Amigurumi Crochet Lego Man. It was a pretty easy pattern to follow and I am very happy with how the Lego man turned out (I almost didn't want to give him away)

He turned out so, so adorable! Like the pattern says, I attached the arms using safety eyes so that the arms are posable, which was such a clever idea.
I love how the top of the head looks so much like a real Lego head!
His little chubby legs are so cute...
I followed the pattern exactly except for two things. Once I stitched together the torso, I ended up turning it inside out because I felt like the back of the pieces looked cleaner than the front, because on the front, you could see the stitches holding the pieces together. The second thing I changed slightly was the hip section. She said in her pattern that the hip section seemed slightly small on her finished project and because I had turned the torso section inside out, it was very small on mine as well. So for the hip section I added an extra increase row for the width as well as five extra rows for the length, and that worked out perfectly!

I am going to be making a little baseball cap for him soon and I will share my pattern for that once I figure it out. This little Christmas present was so much fun to make (even though it took a bit longer than I expected) however, I already want to make another one!!! 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year, New Blog, New Projects!

I don't know how it happened, but it's 2013! 2012 seemed like a very long year, but looking back now it seems like it is gone in a flash.

Towards the end of last year we rearranged one of our guest rooms allowing me the space to turn it into a craft room. Getting everything organized in my new room inspired me to make things (it was either the organizing that inspired me or the space to actually be creative)! And as several of my family members can tell you, I made a lot of handmade presents this year for Christmas. November and December where very busy months for me as I got all my ideas for all the awesome presents wayyyyyy too late!! Because I was frantically making these things, and they were Christmas surprises, I wasn't able to blog about them. I made sure however, to take lots of pictures along the way knowing I could share them later. I guess you could say my New Year's resolution this year is to start blogging about all my creations! 

So I wish you all a very happy 2013 and I hope you will enjoy following me as I, well, Make All The Things!!