Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas Presents: Lego Man

My next couple blog postings will be focused on the Christmas presents I made this year which is what has mainly filled my past couple months! I am so happy with the way everything I made this year turned out and I am very excited to blog about all of them.

Probably my favorite Christmas present I made this year turned out to be the Lego man I made as a cute/funny gift for my boyfriend. There is something about Legos that I think no guy every fully outgrows! I had been scrolling through a collection of crochet patterns and this pattern caught my eye. The blog posting I stumbled upon had this Pattern for an Amigurumi Crochet Lego Man. It was a pretty easy pattern to follow and I am very happy with how the Lego man turned out (I almost didn't want to give him away)

He turned out so, so adorable! Like the pattern says, I attached the arms using safety eyes so that the arms are posable, which was such a clever idea.
I love how the top of the head looks so much like a real Lego head!
His little chubby legs are so cute...
I followed the pattern exactly except for two things. Once I stitched together the torso, I ended up turning it inside out because I felt like the back of the pieces looked cleaner than the front, because on the front, you could see the stitches holding the pieces together. The second thing I changed slightly was the hip section. She said in her pattern that the hip section seemed slightly small on her finished project and because I had turned the torso section inside out, it was very small on mine as well. So for the hip section I added an extra increase row for the width as well as five extra rows for the length, and that worked out perfectly!

I am going to be making a little baseball cap for him soon and I will share my pattern for that once I figure it out. This little Christmas present was so much fun to make (even though it took a bit longer than I expected) however, I already want to make another one!!! 

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